Unfair Trade Practices

Wisconsin Statute section 100.20(5) provides Wisconsin consumers with a powerful tool against companies engaged in unfair landlord-tenant, home improvement, direct marketing, and motor vehicle repair trade practices.
The law allows individuals that suffer monetary loss because of a person or company's violations of certain Wisconsin Administrative Code provisions, enforced by the Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection, to bring a private lawsuit and recover two times the amount of their money damages, as well as reasonable attorney fees and costs.
Wisconsin law provides double damages to incentivize tenants and other consumers to bring their claims. The opportunity to recover double damages and attorney fees from the defendant encourages consumers to prosecute claims that they might otherwise forego bringing.
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False Advertising

(Wisconsin Deceptive Trade Practices Act)

The Deceptive Trade Practices Act (Wis. Stat. 100.18) prohibits businesses and private sellers from making untrue, deceptive or misleading representations in the sale of goods or services to members of the public. To establish a claim, the plaintiff must prove that: 1) the defendant made a representation to a member of the public with the intent to sell goods; 2) the representation was untrue, deceptive, or misleading; and 3) the representation caused the plaintiff to suffer monetary losses.
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Wisconsin Consumer Act

The Wisconsin Consumer Act provides broad protections and remedies to consumers and debtors. The WCA requires merchants and creditors to include certain terms and conditions in consumer contracts, prohibits deceptive and abusive terms, and otherwise regulates unfair business and debt collection practices. The WCA is a fee-shifting statute, meaning successful plaintiffs can recover the costs of their attorney fees from the creditor who violated the law. 
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